Vehicle Surge Protection

Protect your electrical system from surges due to EMP, CME, Lightning, and other voltage spikes.

Truck Surge Protection Device

Automotive electrical systems have become increasingly more sophisticated with the introduction of new and improved features every year. Crucial to customer satisfaction is that each of these features must be reliably powered, protected, and connected to its respective interface within the overall automotive system. The solution is to eliminate transient surges that can damage the control units, infotainment electronics, sensors, fuel injectors, valves, motors, as well as the high voltage EV drive motor batteries. All modern automotive designs are built around all the onboard electronics being connected to the battery and alternator. With typical automotive surges the output of the alternator is unstable and requires the use of large Zener diodes or regulator circuits to clean the circuit to prevent surges. These devices and circuits react too slow to fully protect modern electronics in vehicles. During the powering or switching of inductive loads, unwanted transients are generated. If not prevented these transients would radiate out through the vehicles electrical system and cause individual electronics and sensors to malfunction or be damaged. When this surge is created from higher energy sources such as Electromagnetic or improperly connected jumper cables this can permanently damage the electrical system of the vehicle.


Automotive Testing Standards

  • ISO7637-2
  • J1113
  • GM 9105
  • ES-F2af-1316-AA FORD
  • ISO11898-2
  • ISO16750-2
  • INI-1250US
Car with Bad Wolf Surge Protection

Mil-Spec Testing

  • MIL-STD-188-125-1
  • MIL-STD-461G
  • MIL-STD464C
  • CS115
  • CS116
  • CS117
  • RS105