Irrigation Surge Protection

Today’s irrigation system is filled with sensative electronics making surge protection an important consideration. With yearly insurance claim estimates from lightning damage alone reaching $500 million.

An age old enemy of any irrigation system is lightning, with the blink of an eye massive damage can be inflicted. Irrigation systems help maintain the quality of a lawn or turf, highly advanced irrigation systems are now common place. Acting as an antenna these systems offer little resistance to electrical surges either on the irrigation systems wiring or or plumbing. The costly repairs associated with surge damage can knock out whole systems. Even if the whole system isnt knocked out dangerous low and high pressure situations can occure. In high pressure situations can lead to damaged pipes, valves and water heads.

Critical Components Protected

  • Controller
  • Pump
  • Main control valve
  • Injector / Mixer
  • Pressure regulator
  • Zone controller
  • Supply sensor
  • Filter sensor
  • Seperator sensor
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