ATV/UTV/Motorcycle Surge Protection

The electrical system of smaller vehicles is typically overlooked due to their lack of use versus an automobile.

Ever break down in the middle of nowhere grab your phone and realize you have no cell signal to call for help. Your electrical system is the most sensitive component of any vehicle. Water gets into a place it should not and causes arcing that results in a surge. Have a dead battery and jump it from a car, that rush of current from the large capacity car battery can wreak havoc on your electrical system. What about the auxiliary electronics you connected like a GPS, Radio, or lights. Those can all create problems you really do not want to deal with in an emergency.

Common Causes

  • Bad battery
  • Bad battery connection
  • Bad ground
  • Blown fuse
  • Bad relay
  • Shorted switch
  • ECU damaged
  • Reversed electrical connections
  • Water intrusion
  • Bad charger
  • shorted wiring
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