RV Surge Protection

Keep your electronics safe from dangerous voltage changes. Standard surge protection as well as advanced electrical management models available.

When purchasing a RV, you first thoughts are likely what happens if something breaks and is there a warranty on it. If your RV is new, it likely has a manufacturer warranty or you can purchase a warranty. These warranties do not cover electrical damage from the pedestal or other sources which can destroy your electrical system, appliances, and equipment. If you have not experienced the joy of taking your RV in for service yet then pray you never do, it can be a long-drawn-out expensive experience. This is where electrical surge protection and management devices can help save your wallet as well as your sanity.

Available as plug-in or hardwired and a range of surge ratings as well as features. Models available from simple surge protection to over and under voltage lockout. Designed to protect against park surges, grid surges, lightning, brownouts, EM, and Solar flare.

Plug-in Surge Protector Benefits

  • Plug and play
  • Weather resistant
  • Easily replaced if damaged
  • No installation cost
  • Typically smaller size
  • Easy to move to new RV if upgrading
Computer Chip

Hardwired Surge Protector Benefits

  • Typically a higher surge rating
  • More features available
  • No worry about theft
  • Can be customized for your applications
  • No worry about burnt pins on pedestal
  • No weather intrusion