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What is an OEM Service in Electronic Manufacturing

You have probably heard the term “OEM” before and chances are that you are within arm’s reach of several OEM products wherever you are seated presently. OEM, short for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, refers to a company that produces systems or components that may be used in another company’s end products. OEMs are usually the first inventors and designers but not the sellers of the finished products. They license out the products they make to be used as components in another’s company products, hence marketing them under the other company’s brand name.

What does an OEM Service Mean

So an OEM service is typically a collaboration between a supplier who shows willingness and ability to make customized designs of products according to the needs and specifications of a buyer. Many brand-name electronics and appliances we see today are good examples of OEM services. A common one is a relationship that exists between a manufacturer of individual electronic components and a company such as Samsung or Sony that put the OEM parts together to make their own finished products. Another great example is the automotive industry. The car you bought was not entirely manufactured by the car company; some parts of the car such as the airbags, navigation units, spark plugs, air conditioners, dashboards, sensors, and even the engines, were manufactured by or outsourced from other companies. You will be shocked to know how small the efforts put by the company in supplying the parts were, compared to branding and marketing.

Is it also the computer manufacturers who integrate several OEM parts such as software and processors into the solutions they sell, or the Ralph Lauren company that bought customized fasteners from a maker of buttons to be used in a shirt that boldly carries the banded RL stamp on it? OEM services are literally scattered everywhere around us. The question is …


Why use an OEM Service?

Partnering with an OEM helps enterprises increase efficiency, reduce labor cost, streamline processes, save time and save money.

OEM products are usually cheaper due to an increased level of production. “The OEM excels in building one product and one product only, and thrives by building hundreds of thousands, or even millions of those products on a cost-effective, streamlined basis,” says TheStreet. When an OEM undertakes contract manufacturing of components, the reseller is allowed more time to focus on its core capabilities and processes as it would not have to develop each part or system by itself. The company also does not have to incur the extra costs or increased capacity involved in manufacturing those components in-house (like having to build manufacturing facilities). All they need to do is just integrate the outsourced parts into their system and sell under their own brand name.


With years of experience in PCB design and aseembly, BAD WOLF is one of the most experienced and trusted small business PCB assembly manufacturing companies in America.

BAD WOLF in partnership with strategic alliance partners has a contract manufacturing service that includes product design, product development, engineering validation, PCBA manufacturing service, and supply chain management. This whole package service allows us to  simplify the  managing of all the complexities, providing all the services you may need – from early design concepts to packaging fully assembled devices that are ready for shipment. We work closely with manufacturers throughout the whole process to ensure reduced cost while maintaining performance.

BAD WOLF OEM services focus on achieving product manufacturing and intelligence while the clients focus on product performance.

BAD WOLF OEM Services provide high-quality electronic products for global brands while maintaining quality and on-time supply chain services.

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Example of a BAD WOLF-OEM Solution

BAD WOLF OEM has recorded quite a number of success stories already, let’s take a quick look at one of them.

  • PCBA solution for EV charger with power tracking 

Client: A high-tech client that manufactures power products, energy-efficient power inverters, and charging solutions.

Scope of Contract: Design and production of PCB board, sourcing domestic chips, provide universal product line replacement, assembly of finished products, and final inspection testing and certification performance.

Achievements: BAD WOLF-OEM was able to reduce the production cost, helped the client solve the previous field failure problems, and had a fast turnaround time completing PCB designs and delivering samples to clients in 30 days.


In summary, BAD WOLF-OEM services help clients complete integrated R&D tasks faster and better, achieve rapid and sustainable development, and eventually deliver stable, reliable, and efficient products. Feel free to contact us for design concept development, engineering services, functional prototyping, quick turn assembly, or contract manufacturing.