480V 3 Phase Wye

480V Three Phase Wye Surge Protector SP3P480VY


  • 480V Three Phase Wye Application
  • Complete surge protection for all phases
  • 260kA Surge Rating
  • LED status Indicator for each phase
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480V Three Phase Wye Surge Protector 3P4W (SP3P480VY)

Most 480V power systems are a Wye configuration because

  • Phase to neutral voltage is 277V or below 300V
  • It can power 277V single phase lighting loads

A 480 3 Phase Wye power system is called 480V 3 Phase 4 Wire and 480Y/277V. These are technically more accurate because they refer to the neutral.

  • The “4 Wire” in 480V 3 Phase 4 Wire refers to the neutral as 4th wire.
  • The” Y” in 480Y/277V refers to the neutral as the center of the Y shaped power source.

Green LED status indicator for each phase provides fast verification of operation. Designed for indoor or outdoor use and includes waterproof 3/4" conduit connector.

Additional information

Weight 29 oz
Dimensions 9 × 3.5 × 3.5 in

Commercial, EV Charging Station, Farm, Generator


MIL-STD, UL 1449

Connection Type


EM Rating

EMP (E1, E2 and E3 Phase), Solar Flare (CME)

Environment of Use

Indoor, Outdoor

Form Factor

Surface Mount

Service Type

3 Phase Wye

Surge Current Rating (A)


Type of Surge Protection


SPD Classification

Type 2

Voltage (Vac)