Mini EMP Defender 24V MC4 MEMP24VMC4


  • Use on 24V DC solar panel battery electrical systems only
  • Unique 3 stage surge protection
  • Simple 2 wire plug and play MC4 installation
  • 150kA surge current rating
  • Fast 3ns response time
  • Protects against Transient Voltage spikes from ESD, EMP and CME (Solar Flare)
  • Waterproof
  • Protects against reverse polarity surges as well
  • Prevents the electrical circuit even if power is not applied
  • Status lights provide user feedback (Blinking = ok) (Device must be powered for status lights to work)
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Mini EMP Defender 24V MC4

3 stage protection device designed to protect DC battery electrical systems ONLY (Please verify correct application before ordering).

Solar panels are susceptible to damage from electrical surges due to their large surface area which usually is surrounded by a metal frame. Their placement outside typically in a exposed area on the ground or roof makes them a Lightning target. As the use of PV (Photovoltaic System) becomes more widely used the need to protect them grows as well. These surge protector products are offered for both residential and commercial applications. Class leading protection for sensitive electronic equipment, from the stress and damage due to transient voltage spikes. The surge protector works like a flood control gate on a lake. Once the water level reaches a maximum level the extra water is diverted and the lake level is maintained at a safe level. The surge protector does this by shunting the extra voltage away from your electrical circuit in fractions of a second (Much faster than a typical current controlled protection device) allowing it to operate as normal. Protects connected devices from damage due to indirect-Lightning, Solar Flare, ESD, EMP (All phases) and more. This system is designed using the standard MC4 connectors, other versions are available using different connectors if needed.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2.75 × 2 × 0.75 in

ATV, UTV, Motorcycle and more.., Drone, Farm, Generator, Marine, Solar, Vehicle, Wind



Connection Type


EM Rating

EMP (E1, E2 and E3 Phase), Solar Flare (CME)

Environment of Use

Indoor, Outdoor

Form Factor

Surface Mount

Service Type

DC Battery, DC Electrical Circuit

Surge Current Rating (A)


Voltage (Vdc)


Type of Surge Protection


Product Dimensions


Product Weight


How long are the wires?

Answer: 36"

Mini EMP Defender 24V MC4 Instructions

mini emp defender 24v mc4 instructions

Mini EMP Defender 24V MC4 Datasheet

mini emp defender 24v mc4 datasheet