• Designed to be used on DC electrical circuits that have a maximum safe working voltage of 150V DC.
  • Unique 3 stage surge protection
  • 500kA surge current rating (Highest in the industry)
  • Fast 3ns response time
  • 10 awg wire
  • Protects against all Transient Voltage spikes including Lightning, EMP and Solar Flare
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Max DC Surge Protector 150V

3 stage protection device designed to protect DC electrical systems ONLY (Please verify correct application before ordering).

This device is rated to protect against EMP, ESD, CME, and Lightning damage. The surge protector works like a flood control gate on a lake. On a lake once the water level reaches a maximum level the extra water is diverted and the lake level is maintained at a safe level. The surge protector does this by shunting the extra voltage away from your electrical circuit allowing it to operate as normal.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 3.25 × 2 in

Commercial, Solar, Wind


MIL-STD, UL 1449

Connection Type

Ring Terminal

EM Rating

EMP (E1, E2 and E3 Phase), Solar Flare (CME)

Environment of Use

Indoor, Outdoor

Form Factor

Surface Mount

Service Type

DC Electrical Circuit

Surge Current Rating (A)


Type of Surge Protection


Voltage (Vdc)


Does this require power to work

Answer: Not for the surge protection circuit, but the indicator light needs power to work correctly

Max DC Surge Protector 150V Instructions

max dc surge protector 150v instructions

Max DC Surge Protector 150V Datasheet

max dc surge protector 150v datasheet