Mini EMP Defender Solar 12V MC4 MEMP12VSMC4


  • Waterproof
  • EMP protection (All phases)
  • Lightning shield
  • Great for portable or permanent solar panel systems
  • Simple 2 wire installation
  • Fastest reacting product on the market typically less than 1 Trillionths of a second
  • Smallest product on the market 2.7″X2.0″X0.7″
  • Most affordable product on the market
  • Protects from both positive and negative electrical pulses
  • Prevents electrical damage even when there is no power to the circuit
  • Blinking status lights let you know you are being protected (When DC voltage is applied to circuit)

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Solar panels are susceptible to damage from electrical surges due to their large surface area which usually is surrounded by a metal frame. Their placement outside typically in a exposed area on the ground or roof makes them a Lightning target. As the use of PV (Photovoltaic System) becomes more widely used the need to protect them grows as well. Surge Defender products are offered for both residential and commercial applications. Class leading protection for sensitive electronic equipment, from the stress and damage due to transient voltage spikes. The products work by diverting the overvoltage surges away from the the protected devices and shunting them to ground in fractions of a second (Much faster than a typical current controlled protection device). Protects connected devices from damage due to Lightning, Solar Flare, EMP (All phases), Grid Voltage Surges, and more. SPD (Surge Protection Device) and does not replace the need for a circuit breaker or fuse connected in series to prevent load overcurrent protection. This system is designed using the standard MC4 connectors, other versions are available using different connectors if needed.

Additional information

Weight10 oz
Dimensions8 × 6 × 5 in



5 Year Limited Warranty

Items included

Mini Solar Defender with attached wire, Instructions, Hook and Loop adhesive backed Velcro, Stainless steel mounting screws, Zip Ties, and courtesy 6"X8" Faraday Cage storage bag.