Mini EMP Defender 12v


Mini EMP Defender 12V

  • Waterproof
  • Simple 2 wire installation
  • Fastest reacting product on the market typically less than 1 Trillionths of a second
  • Smallest product on the market 2.7″X2″X0.7″
  • Most affordable product on the market
  • Protects from both positive and negative eletrical pulses
  • Prevents electrical damage even when there is no power to the circuit
  • Blinking status lights let you know you are being protected (When DC voltage is applied to circuit)
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3 stage EMP protection device designed for 12 Volt systems ONLY (Please verify correct application before ordering)

This device protects your electrical system from:

EMP (Electromagnetic pulse)

EMPs are Intense bursts of electromagnetic energy that can be utilized to damage electronics. Man-made nuclear EMP are impressive weapons of war that are sparingly used due to their highly destructive nature.

ESD (Electrostatic discharge)

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden release of electricity from one charged object to another when the two objects come into contact. While we’ve all experienced ESD when we’ve been shocked by a metal doorknob or car door, most ESD strikes are quite harmless to humans. However, for sensitive Electronic circuits, the high peak voltage and current of these ESD strikes can cause catastrophic failures.

CME (Coronal mass ejection, a.k.a. Solar Flares)

The sun could be one of our biggest threats in the next 100 years. If an enormous solar flare like the one that hit Earth 150 years ago struck us today, it could knock out our electrical grids, satellite communications and the internet.

The EMP Defender works like a flood control gate on a lake. On a lake once the water level reaches a maximum level the extra water is diverted and the lake level is maintained at a safe level. The EMP Defender works like this by shunting the extra voltage away from your electrical circuit allowing it to operate as normal.

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Additional information

Weight6 oz
Dimensions2.7 × 2.0 × 0.7 in



5 Year Limited Warranty

Items included

Mini EMP Defender with attached 3' wire, Instructions, Hook and Loop adhesive backed Velcro, Stainless steel mounting screws, Zip Ties, and courtesy 6"X8" Faraday Cage storage bag.